A+ Tax Experts, LLC is a full-service tax firm. We work with businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves on being their trusted advisors. At A+ Tax Experts, LLC we value meeting our client’s needs above all else.

The dedication to this philosophy is what has allowed us to thrive and grow with our clients. When tax season comes around, there are no rude surprises for our clients.

Staffed with experienced Enrolled Agents, highly-specialized Bookkeeping and Payroll Professionals, and years of experience assisting high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs, the A+ Tax Experts team will provide you with personalized and sophisticated tax and accounting services.

Tax accountant for Truck driving companies

Truck driving companies

Unexpected accidents occur. As a result, truck drivers incur repair costs. Mistakes in taking Per Diem deductions and inappropriate deductions for standard business...

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Accountant for Law firms

Law firms

If a law firm is rife with cases, its partners are likely unable to manage other things because of their busy schedules. However, it is important to understand...

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Dental and medical offices

Dental and medical offices

For dental and medical professionals, life is always in flux. New regulations are always being introduced. The state of health care and insurance coverage is complex...

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Accountant for construction companies

Construction companies

As seasoned construction company owners know, building methods and materials are only a part of the equation. Another large part of the puzzle is taxes...

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Accountant for Real estate agents

Real estate agents

Under relevant tax law, real estate agents are generally not considered actual employees, due to income from commissions. Thus, many must file uniquely as sole proprietor...

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Medical accounting

Professional services

Our seasoned professionals know how to adapt, how to adeptly customize strategic tax and accounting plans, depending on the needs of a particular client...

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