Choosing the structure under which a company works is generally the first decision that a business owner has to make. This is one of the most significant decisions as well because of two primary reasons. Firstly, the owner could face a lot of exposure if something goes wrong. 

Secondly, an accounting business ultimately sells economic knowledge. Any mistake or bad decision could reflect poorly on a company, so hiring an accountant for a small business is very important. After all, the initial stage of a business usually requires a lot of hard work. Let us look at the different-

Business Structures For Tax Practices-

  • LLC

LLCs combine the advantages of both a corporation and a sole proprietorship. The owner of an LLC, like the owner of a corporation, isn’t solely liable for what their company does, so if the company is issued, their personal property is usually secure. In addition, an LLC, like a sole proprietorship, reports its earnings on the owner’s tax return. It is only taxed once as personal income. 

A+ Tax Experts offers tax services in Philadelphia for small and large businesses alike trying to compete in the market. We want to help you reach new heights with your success by assuring that your business finances are taken care of. 

The Best Business Structure for A Tax Practice

  • C Corporation

In C corporations, the owner and the business are taxed separately. The owners, in this case, enjoy protection from liabilities in their business’s entire lifetime. Their earnings are similar to that of an employee working there, and any additional profits made are distributed in the form of dividends concerning their ownership of shares in the company.

However, C Corporations are subject to getting taxed on income twice, which the owner does not appreciate. The first time, it gets taxed under the category of corporate income tax, and the second time, it’s taxed in the form of personal income tax, if and when they are transferred to the corporation’s owner. 

A business owner does not usually have extensive tax knowledge, so it’s best not to experiment in this area. Any wrong step could lead to a very big issue, so it is always better to hire an experienced accountant who will help you have a better business.

  • S Corporation

The income generated and the losses incurred under S corporation flow through the tax returns, similarly to an LLC. Thus, there is a need for a fair wage to the owner under respective market conditions. However, the profits left behind can be given out in dividends, evading self-employment tax. In an S corporation, businesses also require regular meetings with the directors and keeping track of the minutes, which is a feature element of corporation business.

The best business structure for tax practice should be chosen from the beginning with proper guidance. If you are starting your business today, you need to hire a small business accountant in Philadelphia. The talented accountants of A+ Tax Experts will help you in every possible way. 

  • Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships

There are advantages and day-to-day challenges that are faced by sole proprietors and their multi-person counterparts. Any economic profits from this type of business are preserved as personal. This will help the small start-ups to save some money for their business and be better equipped to pay taxes. 

That stated, the owner of a sole proprietorship can much more easily be held responsible for issues or incur costs. Moreover, as far as limited partnership extends protection to limited partners, one general partner retains personal liability. The only way to narrow this risk would be to buy professional liability insurance.

Here, at A+ Tax Experts, we have the best team of accountants who will help you take your business to a new height from maintaining the records and receipts and having comprehensive knowledge about Philadelphia Taxes. Tax Experts have professionals that can help you in every field. 

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