A+ Tax Experts offers quality accounting services by qualified accountants who help manage authoritative financial statements, taxes, and budgets.

With over 10 years experience, our Philadelphia accountants work to understand your distinctive financial requirements, provide efficient solutions, and serve as insightful corporate partners in your accounting work.

Our accountants efficiently document financial transactions, review financial documents, prepare audits, file tax returns, along with other crucial tasks that require professional attention.

Pennsylvania is the sixth-largest economy in the country and the 19th largest in the world. Philadelphia Accounting services and accountants have contributed significantly to that achievement. 

Economic development and growth cannot be achieved if finances are not well-managed.  Business is considered  the main stimulant of every economy and accounting is considered the language of business.  Accounting is a profession devoted to recording, analyzing, and reporting income and expenditure.  

Professional Accounting Services in Philadelphia to Serve Your Needs!

Accountants help businesses to track the flow of money into and out of their businesses, ensure statutory compliance and provide investors, management, and government with financial information which can be used in making financial decisions.

Poor financial management is the most common reason for businesses failing in their first few years of operations.  Limited resources and tight budgets can cause business owners to quickly lose sight of the importance of maintaining their books.

Many small business-owners in Philadelphia attempt a do-it-yourself approach with the accounting of their businesses because they are reluctant to spend money on accounting.

Instead of looking at accounting services as an expense, one must see it as an investment.  

Experienced Philadelphia accounting firms can help you with the organization of financial records and provide you information about the financial health of your business at any given moment.  

Whether you need to upgrade your current accounting system, or you need to implement a new accounting system,  A+ Tax Experts is here to offer you top-notch accounting services for outstanding results at affordable prices in Philadelphia.

Get The Best Small Business Accounting Services In Philadelphia

Managing your business’s finances can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with debits, credits and recording transactions, but who says you have to do it all alone? An accountant in Philadelphia can provide the financial expertise and guidance you need to run your business efficiently and  effectively.

Non-maintenance of accounts and books is an offense punishable by law.  Any business that fails to abide by statutory compliances, may be liable for huge penalties.

Payroll services

Hiring the right accounting firm is one of the most important decisions you can make as an entrepreneur.  An accountant can provide you with a variety of value-added services that will help you save money, reduce costs and risks, manage growth, comply with laws, and plan ahead.

One of the biggest blunders small business owners make is to mix their business and private funds.  As a business owner, your focus should be on running your business, and not plowing through a pile of receipts and invoices.  The best accountants in Philadelphia can help you with budgeting and monitoring cash flows on a regular basis to easily calculate the potential consequences and implications of hiring more employees or making a big office purchase.

It may feel daunting to let an accountant on the intricate and intimate details of your business, but partnering with one of the best accounting firms in Philadelphia,PA will actually help you accomplish your goals and set you up for long-term success.

At A+ Tax Experts, we provide superior accounting services to help and guide businesses run efficiently, by providing accurate information, data, analysis, and reports about their business’s liabilities, assets, debts, and profits.  Contact us to avail our Philadelphia Accounting Services today!

A+ Tax Experts also offer robust and reliable payroll solutions in Philadelphia such as payroll processing, tax filing, time-keeping, and much more. 

Our time-keeping services are easy to set-up and effortless to manage, making scheduling and payroll easier than ever before.

What Can An Accountant Do for You in Philadelphia?

Accountants do much more than just planning, preparing and filing your Philadelphia  taxes.  They will help you set up your accounting system, maintain financial documents, audit your business books and financial statements, and help you create financial goals for your business.

At A+ Tax Experts, we deploy the highest accounting standards and principles to provide accounting services that include but are not limited to:

  • Documenting financial transactions,
  • Monitoring the efficiency of existing accounting procedures and ensuring they comply with state and federal government regulations,
  • Reviewing financial documents to resolve any discrepancies and irregularities,
  • Reconciling already documented reports, statements and various transactions,
  • Creating, reviewing and presenting budgets,
  • Recommending financial actions by analyzing accounting options,
  • Preparing audit reports,
  • Providing guidance on revenue enhancement, cost reduction and profit maximization,
  • Preparing and analyzing financial statements like cash flow statement, balance sheet and profit and loss statement,
  • Submitting annual tax returns.
  • Corporate tax planning and return preparation, and
  • Litigation support.

From established enterprises to start-ups,  businesses rely on us for accurate and insightful financial information in order to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities.

Succeed With One of the Best Accounting Firm in Philadelphia, PA.

A business without accurate and thorough past and present financial information to guide its business decisions, is like a ship without a compass.  It may or may not reach the intended destination.

To run a successful business, you must keep a comprehensive record of your financial numbers through diligent accounting.

The most successful accounting firms do not offer a single service, they have a diversified list of services available for their clientele.  Our firm offers a diversified portfolio of services that appeals to a broader and diverse client base.  Our diversified package of services has enabled us to grow and gain a reputation for being the go-to experts in the accounting field in Philadelphia.

When Should You Hire A Small Business Accountant?

Running a business can be exciting, but it brings numerous challenges along.  At some point, you may find it necessary to hire an accountant to manage your business’s finances.  By hiring a small business accountant in Philadelphia, you can save yourself money, time, and plenty of headaches down the road.  

The good news is that you don’t have to hire an accountant full-time.  You may be able to hire one on a retainer basis, or for only a few hours a week, or you can choose to outsource your accounting to a firm.  No matter what arrangement you choose, you will find that an accountant is well worth the investment.

A business plan sets your business for success.  It can give your business direction.  An accountant can take care of the financial planning and projection component at the time of writing your business plan or modifying your existing one.  

At the start of your business, your taxes may be fairly straightforward.  However, as your business grows and flourishes, taxes become more complicated.  An accountant may be aware of tax-saving strategies that can save you thousands of dollars.  

The way you structure your business can have major implications on your finances.  An accountant can go over the various types of legal structures such as a Sole Proprietorship, a Partnership, a Corporation, or a S-Corporation in depth  and help you choose the ideal one for your particular business.

At A+ Tax Experts, we are dedicated to supporting small to midsize business growth in Philadelphia and neighboring boroughs through effective, affordable, and scalable accounting solutions. Our outsourced accounting team has expertise across a variety of industries and software applications.

Accounting software benefits include increased accuracy by eliminating or reducing human error in calculation.  Accounting software systems optimize your accounting workflows, and give your business greater visibility and control over its finances.

It is critical to keep your financial records accurate and up-to-date.

If you are committed to a prosperous future from a personal and business standpoint, reach out to our team of dedicated specialists in accounting, audit, tax, and business consulting.  


We would love to hear from you and talk about how our local accounting team in Philadelphia can help you and your business focus on the things that matter most.  Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.


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